Jack Scoville

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Jack Scoville
Occupation Market Analyst, Futures Broker
Employer The Price Futures Group, Inc.
Location Chicago
LinkedIn Profile
Website www.pricegroup.com

Jack Scoville is a futures broker and market analyst.[1][2] He is a vice president of The Price Futures Group, Inc., a Chicago-based futures brokerage firm. He is a multilingual and specializes in agricultural and soft commodities. He offers brokerage services to an international clientele of agricultural producers, processors, exporters, and other professional traders.[3]


Scoville is a commodity market analyst.[4] He writes daily market commentaries on the products he specializes in in two languages, English and Spanish. He also has a working knowledge of Portuguese.

Scoville began in the futures industry over 20 years ago, and spent 10 years working on the floor of the Chicago Board of Trade in various roles. He has been a broker off the floor since then, and has been with Price Group since it was established.


Scoville holds a bachelor of arts in economics and Spanish from Cornell College. He also has a masters in business administration from DePaul University in economics.


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