Jacob Mulaikal

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Jacob Mulaikal
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Occupation CFO
Employer Nadex
Location Chicago
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Jacob Mulaikal is the chief financial officer in Nadex.


Before joining Nadex, Jacob Mulaikal served as the group finance officer at Heller Financial Inc., where he was responsible for the financial planning and oversight of the international subsidiaries of the company. He provided financial and tax support in international mergers, acquisitions and dispositions. After that, he became the chief financial and chief operating officer of the National Stock Exchange (NSX).[1] He was responsible for finance, accounting, human resources and IT functions, and helped engineer the recapitalization of the exchange.


Mulaikal holds a Bachelor of Science from Loyola College in India and an MBA (Finance) from DePaul University, Chicago. He qualified as a Chartered Accountant in India and is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in the United States.


  1. National Stock Exchange Names Jacob T. Mulaikal Chief Operating Officer; Michael B. Traynor Chief Strategy Officer; and Lori A. Ragus Assistant Vice President and Senior Regulatory Counsel. PR Newswire.