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Chicago Stock Exchange


The Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Chicago Stock Exchange's plan to introduce a new “speed bump,” to help protect slower traders from the impact of some high frequency trading strategies, at the same time as several other exchanges are experimenting with such delays. View page

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Deep Dive: The Boom In Big Data Could Mean Democracy For All

Spencer Doar » 10.18.17

Note: Scroll to the bottom to view the video in three smaller segments.  The global financial markets are facing perhaps the biggest technological cycle in its history, with the growth of faster technology and the advent of cloud and now new data mining tools. JLN’s Jim Kharouf spoke with Drew Shields, chief technology officer at Trading Technologies and Julie Armstrong, executive director, global head of market technology services at CME Group about the latest trends in data and how that is reshaping the industry. Armstrong said that the industry trend may be toward a common data format, or even a...Read more

Nasdaq Discusses Valued Internship Program

Mike Forrester » 10.15.17

Information and Cyber Security for the Futures Industry; A Perspective by VSEC, LLC

John Lothian » 10.15.17

TradingScreen Statement

John Lothian » 10.12.17

ED&F Man talks starting a career in global commodities

Mike Forrester » 10.12.17

We All Love Data: Barchart’s Latest Move Continues The Trend Of Firms Pushing Further Into The Data Space

Jim Kharouf » 10.11.17

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