Sean Feeney

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Sean Feeney
Occupation Managing Director, Options
Employer Nasdaq
Location New York
LinkedIn Profile

Sean Feeney is a New York-based exchange executive who serves as a managing director for options with Nasdaq.[1]


Feeney joined Nasdaq in 2016. Before that, he had been involved in startup activities with different ventures.

He has served as the head of brokerage operations for CV Brokerage. He was a portfolio manager with Forty4 Asset Management. He has also been head of trading and strategy for GBOX Trading, LLC.

He served as a vice president of options for Knight Capital and was a market maker for Trinity Derivatives Group, LLC. He served as an options specialist on the American Stock Exchange.


  • State University of New York at Stony Brook, Applied Math & Statistics, 1995 – 1998


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