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Tom Dittmer is a retired commdodities brokerage executive. He retired as chairman of Refco Group in 1999, a firm he cofounded.


Under his leadership, Refco was one of the first U.S. futures firms to build an international presence. Dittmer took an early interest in bringing foreign customers to U.S. markets; when the Chicago Board of Trade launched night trading sessions in 1987 to capture Japanese demand for Treasury futures, he personally directed floor operations to make sure that the trading got off to a good start. In 2006, he was inducted into the Futures Industry Association Futures Hall of Fame.[1]

Refco was one of the most fined firms in the history of the futures industry and in 1979, REFCO was fined by the Chicago Mercantile Exchange a then record $250,000 fine and Dittmer received a six-month trading suspension.[2]

Dittmer was raised in Sioux City, Iowa, and graduated from the University of Iowa. [3]

Other Affiliations

Dittmer is a benefactor of the arts and education, a trustee of the Art Institute of Chicago and Providence-St. Mel’s High School on Chicago’s west side.


University of Iowa graduate


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